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Challenging the effects of American colonialism onto the Philippine society through fashion.

Tatsulok (triangle) questions and challenges the influences of the American colonizers in early 20th century Philippines. On the surface, the country was made to believe that the Americans were the saviors of the country from the Spanish oppression. What is underneath is the infiltration of American ideals into the Philippine politics, culture and economy that to this day have misplaced the nationalism of Filipinos emphasized by the separation of the social classes. This project looks into empowering a unified voice of Philippine nationalism against impact of colonialism through the powerful voice of fashion.

Research & Design Process

Fashion Film Inspiration

One of the end results of this project is a fashion film, regardless if I show at a...

Making the frame

The weaving technique, just like any weaving techniques, will need a loom. Thankfully, the...

Fabrics to Use

Main Fabric There isn’t much choice of fabrics I needed for this project. The main...

Triangle shape on details and shapes

This is the part of the design process where I reminded myself if the design principles...

Draped Sketches

Collaging wasn’t my strongest forte. However, in a project as such where sketching...

Pinoy Inspiration for Tatsulok

Pinoy is a colloquial term for Filipinos, the people and culture of the Philippines, which...

"Create whatever causes a revolution in your heart. The rest of it will take care of itself."

Elizabeth Gilbert

Big Magic Author

Digital Pattern Making


Evaluation of the tailored garment & digital pattern-making project

Looking back, I never expected I’d be where I finished this project. While pattern making...

Model of a classic notch jacket

This is the preview of the patterns in a model in Adobe Illustrator. It is saved...

Printing and Sampling Process

There were a few reasons I had to sample the patterns at home. One, the country was on...

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