Tag: Adobe Illustrator

Model of a classic notch jacket

This is the preview of the patterns in a model in Adobe Illustrator. It is saved as a .ai file and cardboard is extendable. This is where pieces can be copied for manipulations or fixed. Ideally, however, there is a separate cutting table (a larger cardboard separate from this file) so as no to ...

Printing and Sampling Process

There were a few reasons I had to sample the patterns at home. One, the country was on Covid-19 lockdown restrictions and printing wasn’t on the top computer essential business. Second, there are e-patterns being sold online that would need to be printed on a regular A4 sized paper. This is ...

Making The Pockets

Probably one where I did most of the trial and error, remembering from past pattern making experiences of adding pockets but also making it as classic as possible. I found that I understand jet pocket more than the welt pocket.

Making the Top Collar

Drafting the top collar pattern in Adobe Illustrator. Here I was able to use new tools to make the pieces unite together quicker and faster than making new lines and connecting them to where I added volume. It is perhaps the easiest edit I’ve made.

Grading blocks in Adobe Illustrator

Unlike the Gerber Accumark program where features are designed to facilitate garment pattern making, Adobe doesn’t calculate nor adjust objects to smaller or bigger sizes. Instead, grading is calculated manually through points. It is nonetheless easier to manage and took me less than an hour ...