Review Form: Class Notes

A review article may contain all or some of the following:

  • Context, background, author, date, title
  • description of what’s being reviewed and the situation
    • atmosphere (space, time, vision, senses)
    • embodied engagement (experience)
  • analysis of what’s reviewed
  • it is personal/subjective
  • the writer’s position
    • spatial condition (physical)
    • social right (argument)
  • Opinion / comparison / assessment / summary
  • Authority of the writer
  • Rhetoric – it’s persuasive to a degree
  • Evaluation / Contributation

re – view : seen, the privileging of the sight
framing the value of what’s being reviewed

scholarly contribution / discursive engagement / dissemination / promotionals / entertainment

what is there / what is not there

Group Work – Notes

Es Devlin – Stage of Design
Abstract of Design

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