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#Balikbayan Diaries: Revisiting History

One of the privileges of migrating to a different country later in life is being able to… Read More
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Formal Rustic Wedding Guest Outfit

Wedding season is on full force in New Zealand (even in the Philippines, actually, for… Read More
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The Ultimate Long Haul Flight Outfit to the Tropics

Let’s face it, getting ourselves to and from one country to another is not the most… Read More
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Why Fashion?

This was an old post from before the website went down and I lost all my files and… Read More
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Blogging, again?

Making this year count by making success to achieve the only goal for the year. Read More
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Art and The Order of Nature: The Mercedes Zobel Collection of Indigenous Philippine Textiles book with words by Patricia Araneta and Amihan Roldan Lim. All is not lost.