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Challenging the effects of American colonialism onto the Philippine society through fashion.

Tatsulok (triangle) questions and challenges the influences of the American colonizers in early 20th century Philippines. On the surface, the country was made to believe that the Americans were the saviors of the country from the Spanish oppression. What is underneath is the infiltration of American ideals into the Philippine politics, culture and economy that to this day have misplaced the nationalism of Filipinos emphasized by the separation of the social classes. This project looks into empowering a unified voice of Philippine nationalism against impact of colonialism through the powerful voice of fashion.

"Create whatever causes a revolution in your heart. The rest of it will take care of itself."

Elizabeth Gilbert

Big Magic Author

Writing for Designers

Creative writing, academic writing, reviews and many other styles of writing for designers are learned and experimented in this paper. This is the part of the blog where those samples and my final product exists.

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Essay Exercise: Catalogue Essay Analysis Exercise

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Operational Form: How to peel an Orange

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Speech Writing: Isang mensahe para sa mga malikhaing Pilipino

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Response Essay Exercise: Quicken; Photography, touch.

I know, I heard it from everyone. Something dreadful could happen to him. He’s...

"You can make anything by writing."

C.S. Lewis

Alice In Wonderland, Author
Elective Project - Semester 1

Advanced Apparel Research

Digital Pattern Making


Making the Top Collar

Drafting the top collar pattern in Adobe Illustrator. Here I was able to use new tools to...

Tracing Front and Under Collar patterns in Adobe Illustrator

This is the preview of how I traced the under collar and the front patterns of a classic...

A very brief history of Sewing Patterns

I say very brief because I focused much of my energy hunting down the extensive history of...

Personal blog

The Ultimate Long Haul Flight Outfit to the Tropics

Let’s face it, getting ourselves to and from one country to another is not the most...

Why Fashion?

This was an old post from before the website went down and I lost all my files and...

Blogging, again?

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