I went to my first ever concert last year. Eric Nam had a two-day concert in Auckland and I went with a good friend of mine. It was one of my most treasure experience and Eric Nam definitely delivered a really fun, beautiful and intimate show. As always, though, every event is an opportunity to make a garment.

I didn’t know what I wanted to wear to the concert nor did I plan to make anything. Such a newbie to concert going that I didn’t know what to expect. Will it be warm inside? Do I want to stand out or be one with the crowd? What shoes do I wear? Scrolling through Pinterest – the rabbit hole of ideas – I found a really cool V shaped backless jumpsuit as an inspiration. It was different but very comfortable and I could style it up. But it has to be a ready made pattern as time doesn’t allow me to start from scratch.

Aurelia Andrea check jumpsuit worn with black blazer, chauffer’s hat and black chunky loafers, sitting on a bench in front of green leaves

I googled free pattern for a basic jumpsuit. Thankfully, there’s one that fits the idea from @peppermagazine and I thought, I could update it to follow the inspiration. Spoiler Alert: I didn’t. Off I went to @wearethefabricstore to see if I can find a suitable fabric to my style. I’ve always wanted to have a black and white checkered garment and when I saw this I knew it fit the vibe. There goes my excuses.

The pattern was from Peppermint Magazine. Thanks to these guys, there are so many projects beginner sewists can use and practice with without breaking the bank. There’s an option to pay any amount you can to support the skills and time used to make these patterns. While at this time I opted to not pay, I will definitely support them. The pattern name is from their Issue 35, which you can download here. It’s a symmetrical pattern with no extra bits. Very easy for you newbies who wants to get into pant making. It only needs your main fabric and a dress zipper. The pattern doesn’t require makers to use fusible, but I definitely do. Especially if you’re using a light fabric and linen. I chose to fully fuse the facings and seam fuse the v-neck with a fusible tape to stabilize these areas. I also added a pocket on one side (I was going to do it for both side but I had trouble with the second one. It was a two day project for me, due to space issues, but it can easily be a single day project.

Aurelia Andrea check jumpsuit worn with black blazer, chauffer’s hat and black chunky loafers, standing on steps in front of palm trees

On the day of the concert, I chose to wear it with cropped blazer from Max and a chunky loafers from Mi Piaci. I found this Brixton hat from Frankie and Flo that day and it was the cherry on top. Hope you like it!

Thanks Micah for taking and editing these photos!