Aurelia & Andrea are the names of my grandmothers that shaped mine: Aurea. For years I dreaded the name. “Too old school”, I’d say, back when celebrities and trends dictated my lifestyle. I would hide beneath a nickname given to me by those friends I hardly see, pretending I was somebody else but me. Now, as I step into my own shoes, playing the role of myself, I’m beginning to embrace the details that make me simply me. Inspired by Aurelia’s strong values and personality, Andrea’s wit and humour, plus my mother’s desire to be different, I grew up to be a little dramatic, whimsical and crazy.

Fashion is a great story teller. It gets past down from generations to generations. It’s a detail in an important memory, an event, or an experience. It represents a time in society as it reacts to its changes. It previews a life that once was. My story is told through clothing, whether it’s made, bought or borrowed. From the littlest details to the entire outfit, it will be my story, while accompanied by everything else that fulfils this exploration of my creative purpose.

These pages will be filled with the many interests I have in this life: my curiosity, passion, and learning of the fashion design world as a student of the craft; the cultures of the world through its local threads, meals, beans, and wonders; As well as the films and music I absorb creating a little bit of escapism away from my inner blabber.

A little something to add to your day.

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