This was the starting point of my design sketches for the Tatsulok project. While sketching is not my strongest skill, it was however the best way to convey the triangular shape I was hoping to portray in this collection. Draping would come as a next step to see how the fabric behaves (more on the draping process on the next post).

Draft 1. Designed for Tatsulok Collection

Tought Process

These first few sketches were designed with the commerciality aspect in mind. The targetted market was a more eclectic group of people, unafraid to try different things. Volume is a plus as the fabric can be stiff and thick. It is juxtaposed with a lightweight cotton, linen or silk-linen blend white fabric for a shirt dress underneath layers.

Layers are a Filipino fashion feature, especially in the past and I wanted to play with that feature in. these sketches

The designs below were designed with the idea of reversing the oversize trend to a cropped or smaller design idea. Continuing with playing the triangular shapes, I show it in different aspects of this initial design.

Draft 2. Designed for Tatsulok Collection