One of the end results of this project is a fashion film, regardless if I show at a catwalk or an exhibit. This is in collaboration with my film artist friend, Regine Panlilio. Most of my latest works and blogs are in collaboration with her and it’s just fitting that I finish my degree with another collaborative work with her.

The idea of a fashion film is to tell the story behind the concept of the collection. As much as the catwalk will show the movement of the fabric and an exhibit can allow the audience to look closer at the workmanship, part of the reason I wanted to do a film is to spread the message outside of New Zealand. Not only do I want to voice out the Filipinos to the rest of the world, but the Filipinos need to know our colonial story and that America does not have our best interest. There’s so much a film can do that neither an exhibit and catwalk can portray, that would reach a larger group of people.

These are some of the fashion films I’m quite inspired by. However, most of the direction will be Regine’s ideas as she is more confident and knowledgeable behind the camera and storytelling through frames.