There were a few reasons I had to sample the patterns at home. One, the country was on Covid-19 lockdown restrictions and printing wasn’t on the top computer essential business. Second, there are e-patterns being sold online that would need to be printed on a regular A4 sized paper. This is another potential online service that digital pattern making has the advantage too. Finally, home printing is my cheaper source of printing, especially after University. Knowing this gives me extra chance on making at home pattern making possible, even if it’s just for myself. The one thing I didn’t get to try as the lock down extended was having this sent to commercial printers so I can see how much and how well this can be done. Maybe a project for next time

I chose to sample on half-scale due to time and fabric constraints. Putting together a tailored jacket is not a new experience for me as I’ve done it in two previous papers. The purpose of this sample is to make sure that the patterns were effective in this method of pattern making