This is the preview of the patterns in a model in Adobe Illustrator. It is saved as a .ai file and cardboard is extendable. This is where pieces can be copied for manipulations or fixed. Ideally, however, there is a separate cutting table (a larger cardboard separate from this file) so as no to accidentally save the wrong configurations.

** I did a plan for facing and lining but the program crashed before I saved it. Unfortunately, the recovery file (which usually works) failed. Moving houses lessen my time to redraft it.

Printing as mentioned in a previous post, can be done straight from Illustrator. But can also be made available as a PDF. The picture above is a template made available by PatternLab London where centimeters and inches are included to make sure the printing’s been done on a full scale version. I have also included the PDF version for viewing (and download) where the patterns are made into half-scale, as the Internet is a very public space.

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